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Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

Anyone that has laid eyes on a high-quality, lab grown diamond will tell you that they’re just as dazzling as naturally occurring stones. That’s because - despite being made in a different way - lab grown diamonds share identical properties to those formed underground. 

Not only that, but lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced and offer shoppers much greater affordability. This means you can buy a high grade of diamond for a much lower price.

  • Quality – Lab grown diamonds have identical chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamonds – only an expert with a high-tech machine can tell the difference.
  • Affordability – Lab grown diamonds are available to purchase at a much lower cost, so you can afford to buy a bigger and better-quality stone on the same budget.
  • Ethical – Unlike natural diamonds, no mining is required. No land, wildlife or local communities are displaced and their origin is guaranteed. 



Why are lab grown diamonds cheaper?

Lab grown diamonds usually cost between 40-50% less than natural diamonds. This means that you can purchase a higher quality, higher carat lab created diamond for the same budget. 

There are two key reasons why lab grown stones are more affordable.

  • A lab grown diamond can be efficiently grown in as little as two weeks making it a cost-effective process. In comparison, the cost of mining a natural diamond is far greater. 
  • There are finite number of natural diamonds on earth, whereas a lab grown diamond can be created for the demand.


Are lab grown diamonds more ethical?

Lab grown diamonds are a much more ethical choice than mined diamonds. That’s because you can be certain of their origin and that they have been ethically sourced and produced.

All lab grown diamonds can be traced back to the laboratory in which they were made. This means you can be confident in where the money paid for your diamond purchase is going.

While the Kimberley Process, established in 2003, has made strides to tackle the flow of conflict diamonds, there’s still no guarantee on the origin of natural stones. 


Environmentally conscious

Mining causes a large amount of disruption to communities of people across the globe. It can also have a devastating impact on wildlife and ecosystems above and below ground. 


Are lab grown diamonds the same quality as natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have the very same properties as natural diamonds. Both are formed from carbon, which crystallises after being exposed to an extremely high temperature. 

The only difference between them is their origin; lab created diamonds are grown in a laboratory whereas natural diamonds form naturally beneath the Earth’s crust.

Learn more with our Lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds guide.


Lab grown diamonds offer the same brilliant sparkle without the inflated cost

The fact that their composition is the same surprises some people, given that lab grown diamonds can be made in a matter of weeks and natural diamonds can take billions of years to form. 

But good news travels fast, and the world waking up the fact they can buy a premium quality diamond for a lower cost. What’s more, they can make a more environmentally conscious purchase in the process.

Consequently, stunning jewellery such as lab grown diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and earrings are gaining in popularity every day. If you’re looking to complete a special diamond purchase today then you have certainly come to the right place.



Why choose Created Brilliance lab grown diamonds?


Every piece of Created Brilliance jewellery is designed to enhance the beauty of the diamonds and optimise their brilliance.

Our expert team are based in Hatton Garden, the famous London home of the UK diamond industry. 

We insist on offering only high-quality stones. You can find out more about diamond quality with our 4Cs guide.

Here are a few more reasons to order your diamond jewellery from Created Brilliance:

  • Hand selected – Diamonds are chosen by our experienced sourcing experts, who work closely with high tech laboratory teams.
  • Modern designs – Our world class designers produce elegant pieces that have a classic styling and modern aesthetics.
  • Authenticity assured – Certificates are enclosed with every purchase, guaranteeing the authenticity of your stone.
  • Free UK delivery – Complimentary delivery to any UK address is available as standard to Created Brilliance customers.
  • 30-Day Guarantee – We’re so confident in the quality of our jewellery that we offer a no quibble 30-day guarantee for all purchases.
  • Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty – We offer a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all our jewellery.



Lab grown diamonds are increasing in popularity all the time. This is because there is now a much greater understanding for the great benefits they offer. 

Not only do lab created diamonds have the very same properties as natural stones, but they also offer much greater affordability and represent a more ethical purchase.

Browse our range of lab grown diamonds to find affordable and conscious luxury. 


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