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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Explore our stunning lab diamond engagement rings to find beautiful engagement rings for your perfect proposal. Lab made diamond engagement rings provide an ethical option when getting down on one knee. Match our lab made engagement rings with a wedding band from our bridal sets.

Find the perfect fit engagement ring with our ring size guide or request a free ring sizer. If you need any further assistance choosing a lab created engagement ring, reach out to a member of our Hatten Garden team.

Which hand do engagement rings go on?

It’s traditional to wear your diamond engagement ring on your left hand in most Western countries. There are some countries that wear it on the right such as Latvia, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Jordan, and Venezuela. Even European countries like Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Spain and Denmark sometimes wear their engagement rings on the right hand. Bear this in mind if the person you’re proposing to comes from one of these countries.

Can I get a custom lab grown diamond engagement ring?

Yes, you can design an engagement ring to your specifications using our bespoke diamond ring service. You can choose the stone’s carat and shape, the metal type, setting style and more.

What shapes and cuts do lab grown diamond engagement rings come in?

Lab grown engagement rings come in a variety of shapes, cuts, and sizes to suit your needs and personal taste. You can browse our full range above or choose one of the styles and shapes from our menu. These include lab grown oval diamond engagement rings, round diamonds, emerald and princess cuts and more. Our styles include halo, solitaire, vintage, three stone and side stone engagement rings. Find out about each style and size with our diamond guides.

Does an engagement ring need to be diamond?

While diamonds are a favourite choice for engagement rings, they’re not the only choice. In fact, we are seeing more and more people opting for more colourful gemstones. Lab grown sapphire engagement rings are hugely popular thanks to the deep blue colour, while emerald engagement rings are making a comeback. We also stock ruby engagement rings. The choice is yours.

When did diamonds become popular for engagement rings?

Diamonds have always been a people choice for engagement rings, dating back to the first ones in the 1400s. But it was the 1900s when diamond engagement rings moved from being only for the elite to being something more mainstream.

Where to buy plus size engagement rings?

At Created Brilliance, we can make rings up to UK ring size R (size 9). That’s a diameter of 18.9mm. Read our ring size guide for more sizing options. If you do need something larger, we can do so through our custom ring service.

Why don't men wear engagement rings?

Engagement rings were, historically, seen as a deposit on a woman’s future. While these dated and sexist views no longer exist, the tradition of giving rings to women only has continued in many cultures. But with same sex marriage becoming legal in 2013, it makes sense that there will be men receiving engagement rings from their partner.