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Unique Wedding Rings

Unique Wedding Rings

Many modern couples are choosing to forgo the usual wedding day traditions to organise a celebration that’s truly meaningful to them. This includes choosing unique wedding rings that express their individuality and relationship.

From unconventional shapes to timeless eternity bands, there's a wide selection of unique wedding rings available for those seeking something extraordinary. Here, we explore some of the most unique wedding band styles that are capturing the hearts of couples around the world.

Shaped Wedding Bands

Gone are the days when a wedding band was a simple band. People desire more ways to show their love and personality. Shaped wedding bands do just that, offering a twist on the traditional round ring.

These bands are crafted to sit comfortably next to engagement rings with unique centre stone shapes, such as pear, marquise or oval cuts.

Whether it's a gentle curve or a striking wishbone shape, these bands create a seamless and stylish look that stands out from the crowd.


Wedding Bands with Unconventional Materials

Gold or platinum are the classic choice for a wedding band, but why not shake things up a bit? Many young, modern couples are looking at wedding bands crafted from wood, meteorite, carbon fibre or even dinosaur bone!

If you want to stick to the classic metals, you could achieve a more contemporary look by mixing your metals – so the engagement and wedding rings are different from each other. Just make sure both metals are of equal hardness, otherwise one may end up being scratched by the other.

When deciding which material to go for, don’t just pick something that looks good – make sure it will suit your lifestyle as well. For instance, if you’re very active or often work with your hands, then it’s best to choose a tougher metal like platinum.


Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands

For couples who want to add a real touch of old school luxury to their wedding rings, diamond eternity rings are a timeless choice.

These rings feature tiny diamonds encircling the entire band – symbolising never-ending love and commitment. Whether set in platinum, white gold or yellow gold, a diamond eternity band radiates elegance and sophistication. You could imagine it adorning the hand of some 40s starlet of the big screen.

While traditionally given to mark significant anniversaries or the birth of a child, there’s no rule against wearing eternity ring as a wedding band – and they do look fabulous alongside a solitaire engagement ring!

It’s also becoming popular as a unique wedding ring design for men who want something a little different from the usual plain band. Who says men can’t have a bit of bling.


Colourful Wedding Rings

Move beyond tradition and add a burst of colour to your wedding bands and engagement rings. Yes, the classic white diamond oozes luxury like few other gemstones, but with so much choice of colours available, why stick to one stone.

Colourful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies can give your wedding ring a unique touch, while also making the stand out from the crowd.

Each gemstone has its own story and symbolism – for instance, sapphires represent wisdom. You could also choose your stone based on personal memories or simply one that suits your style and personality.


Ethical Wedding Bands

Environmental considerations are increasingly important for couples when choosing their wedding rings. Ethical wedding bands are crafted using responsibly sourced materials and fair labour practices, ensuring the ring’s beauty is matched by its integrity.

This could include buying rings made from recycled metals or decorated with environmentally friendly lab grown diamonds. These sparkling stones are 100% real diamonds – chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds. However, they’re created in controlled environments, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional diamond mining.

Choosing ethical and sustainable wedding rings allows couples to align their values with their purchases, reflecting their commitment to each other and the environment.

Learn more about lab grown diamonds in our Guides.


Custom Wedding Rings

For couples who want truly one-of-a-kind wedding rings, custom design offers endless possibilities. Working with a professional jeweller will allow you to create unique his and her wedding rings that incorporate meaningful elements to you both.

Whether it's a special engraving, hidden message or completely bespoke shape, custom wedding rings allow you to express your individuality and ensure that every detail reflects your love story and individual style.

Created Brilliance can help create your custom wedding rings. We’ll work with you to develop a digital illustration of your bespoke ring, based on your ideas and our advice. Once the drawing is approved, our expert jewellers will get to work and bring your unique design to life.

Contact us today to find out more.


How To Wear Your Wedding Ring

Wedding ring traditions vary across the world. In the UK and many western European countries, people commonly wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of their left hand, also known as the ‘ring finger’.

There’s a very sentimental (if scientifically inaccurate) reason for this: the Ancient Egyptians believed there was a vein of love that directly connected this finger to the heart. The early Romans called it the ‘Vena Amoris’.

This romantic ideal has carried through time – though not everyone follows that tradition. In many regions of Spain and Portugal, couples wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their right hand. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, you’ll find that Catholics usually wear their wedding ring on the left hand, while Protestants wear theirs on the right.

Essentially, there is no single right way to wear a wedding ring – just as there is no style of ring that will suit everyone.

Whether it's made from gold, wood, diamonds or custom-made to your own design – your wedding band should reflect the beauty and uniqueness of your relationship.

So go ahead, break the mould, and choose a unique wedding ring that’s as extraordinary as your love.

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