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Bridal Ring Sets

Find the perfect bridal lab grown diamond set for your wedding day in our collection. All our diamond bridal sets include our dazzling lab grown diamond rings. Love endures, so it’s only fitting that each wedding band and engagement ring come with the promise of a lifetime warranty and free express shipping.

Our white and yellow gold bridal ring sets include a wedding band that is uniquely crafted to fit alongside one of our lab grown diamond engagement rings. For further information or assistance, connect with one of our UK jewellery experts or read our guide to bridal ring sets.

What is a bridal set?

Bridal sets, also referred to as wedding ring sets or bridal ring sets, encompass both an engagement ring and a matching wedding band designed to be worn as a coordinated pair. This combination ensures a seamless and elegant look for your special day.

Find our more in our What is a Bridal Set? guide.

Is it acceptable to combine a silver engagement ring with a gold wedding ring?

While mixing metals is a fashionable choice, it's important to be mindful of potential issues that can arise from the combination. Silver and gold have different properties and wearing them together can lead to wear and tear over time due to differences in hardness and chemical reactions. If you're drawn to white metals and are considering silver for its colour, white gold could be a more durable option.

Is it common to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

Yes, it is quite common to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day. Many people opt to move their engagement ring to their right hand for the duration of the wedding ceremony. This frees up the left hand for the placement of the wedding band, which is typically worn closer to the heart to symbolise the commitment of marriage. Following the marriage ceremony, you can move your engagement ring back to your left hand and position it on top of the wedding band. Alternatively, some individuals choose to remove their engagement ring during the ceremony. This can be done to simplify the exchange of rings and create a moment focused solely on the wedding band. After the ceremony, you can place the engagement ring back on your finger.

Is it customary to provide both rings in a bridal set when proposing?

The decision depends on your preferences and the element of surprise you wish to incorporate. You have the option to propose with the entire bridal ring set, or you could choose to propose with the diamond engagement ring alone, saving the wedding band as a delightful surprise for a later moment. This thoughtful gesture showcases your careful planning and consideration, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to your journey toward marriage.

Why are bridal sets popular?

The appeal of bridal sets lies in their practicality and unified aesthetic. Bridal wedding ring sets, offer a seamless and coordinated look that simplifies the process of finding a complementary wedding band for your engagement ring.

What is the difference between a bridal set and a wedding band set?

The difference between a bridal set and a wedding band set lies in their intended wear and symbolism. A bridal set comprises an engagement ring and a matching wedding band designed to be worn together by a single individual. On the other hand, a wedding band set consists of two identical wedding bands, each intended for one person in the couple, signifying their shared commitment.

Why do certain bridal sets include three rings?

In certain cases, bridal sets are composed of three rings
instead of the traditional two: an engagement ring, a wedding ring and an
eternity ring. This trio of rings symbolizes distinct stages of a relationship:
the engagement ring signifies the first step of commitment, the wedding band
embodies the exchange of marriage vows, and the diamond eternity ring signifies
everlasting love.