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What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, diamond stud earrings or a jewelled necklace, there’s one thing you should know about lab grown diamonds – they are your friend. Because not only do they come from ethical sources, but you can also afford to buy bigger and better diamonds when shopping lab grown diamonds.

What are lab created diamonds?

Lab created diamonds – sometimes called lab grown or man made diamonds - are made by scientists to have identical properties to the natural diamonds found underground. They share the very same optical, chemical and physical features as the diamonds that are mined from the Earth’s crust.

They differ from synthetic and artificial diamonds in that they are actual diamonds. The final product is the same a mined diamond, while synthetic or artificial ones are often made from non-diamond materials. 

The key difference between natural and lab created diamonds is that no mining is required to procure lab grown diamonds. This means that no harm is caused to land, wildlife or local communities as a result of their creation. What’s more, no conflicts are funded by their sale. 

First produced in the 1950s, these dazzling and ethical diamonds are more affordable than natural stones. This means that you can get a bigger and higher quality diamond but pay a lower price. 

  • Lab grown diamonds have identical properties to mined diamonds – only an expert and a high-tech machine can tell the difference.
  • Man-made diamonds are available at a lower cost, which means you can get a better-quality diamond for less money.
  • Unlike natural diamonds, no mining is required. Therefore, no land, wildlife or community is displaced by their creation, nor conflicts funded.

Are lab grown diamonds real?


Yes, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. Their chemical properties are identical to the naturally occurring diamonds that are mined from below the ground in countries such as Russia, Canada, Botswana and Angola. 

Both lab grown and natural diamonds are formed from carbon, which is compressed at high temperatures. This results in the crystallisation, which gives the diamonds their brilliant sparkle for which they are famed. The table below demonstrates the key properties that both types of diamond share.  

Comparison of key properties

Lab Grown Diamonds Natural (Mined) Diamonds
Chemical Composition Carbon (C) Carbon (C)
Hardness 10 10
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42
Dispersion 0.044 0.044
Density 3.52 3.52


To learn more about the two different types, take a look at our lab grown diamonds vs real diamonds guide.

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical features.”

Matthew Hall, Director, Gemological Institute Of America (GIA).

What is the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have disrupted the traditional diamond industry. That’s because they offer greater affordability compared to natural diamonds and are also ethically sourced.

Although lab grown diamonds represent just a small percentage of today’s market, the demand for these stones grows every year. That’s due mainly to the increased awareness of the ethical and environmental problems that diamond mining can pose.

“More and more consumers are catching on to the conscious luxury solution that lab grown diamonds offer. They allow people to buy a bigger and better-quality diamond with that same classic sparkle. The big difference is that it will cost them less of their hard-earned money and better still, they know that their stone has been procured ethically.”


– Sophie Milner, Created Brilliance Buyer.

For more information, read our why choose lab grown diamonds guide.

When did the creation of lab grown diamonds start?

The creation of lab grown diamonds started in the 1950s. The man-made stones on the market today are, however, the result of decades of work by researchers across the globe.

As the scientific process has been refined over time, jewellery carrying lab grown stones has become more and more accessible. 

Fast forward to today and it is now possible to purchase lab grown diamonds in delicate pieces such as engagement rings and earrings.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

There are currently two main methods for producing lab grown diamonds. These include:

High pressure, high temperature (HPHT)
This was the first commercially viable method for the creation of diamonds and is still the main method in use worldwide. It can be completed in a matter of weeks.

  • The process mimics the conditions under which natural diamonds develop underground.
  • A central reaction cell is surrounded by a large mechanical press.
  • This is subjected to high pressures and temperatures. 
  • Inside the reaction cell, a diamond seed acts as a nucleus.
  • The lab grown diamond crystal grows upon this.

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD)
This method is quite different to natural diamond formation and is now becoming much more widespread. As with the HPHT method, it is usually complete in a matter of weeks.

  • A heated and carefully controlled combination of gases is mixed in a vacuum chamber at very low pressures. 
  • As the required extreme temperature is reached, the gas molecules break apart.
  • Carbon atoms bond to the diamond seed crystals. 
  • The carbon atoms repeatedly attach themselves to the diamond seed.
  • A diamond grows layer by layer.

Learn more about these processes with our how are lab grown diamonds made guide.

Created Brilliance’s lab grown diamonds

All Created Brilliance lab grown diamonds are hand-selected and graded by the 4C’s (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight), in the same manner as natural diamonds.

To be a Created Brilliance lab grown diamond, stones must have a minimum colour and clarity of GH SI2-I1.

All Created Brilliance jewellery has been designed to enhance the diamond's beauty and optimise its brilliance. Many of our unique pieces feature our signature heart motif and every design is laser inscribed with the iconic Created Brilliance emblem. 

No matter what piece of dazzling jewellery you choose, it will always be accompanied in its delightful presentation box by an authenticity certificate. This acts as a guarantee that your piece features a lab grown diamond. 

Our stunning range includes lab created diamond rings for engagements and weddings. We also offer other exquisite pieces of lab grown diamond jewellery including a beautiful range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.


If you are looking to buy a piece of diamond jewellery, lab created diamonds will provide the same sparkle at a lower cost. What’s more, these stunning stones are ethically sourced. Unlike the mining of natural diamonds, their creation does not pose a risk to communities, land and wildlife. Because of this their popularity is accelerating in all corners of the globe, especially with young environmentally conscious consumers.

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