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Free Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

What is covered under the warranty?

Our team take pride in ensuring our jewellery is produced to the utmost standard. We’re so confident in its quality that we offer a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all products purchased from our website.

In the highly unlikely event that your jewellery has a defect caused by the manufacturing process, we guarantee to repair or replace the item. 

How do I return the jewellery in the event of a fault?

Simply contact our team directly, so that we can arrange the return of the jewellery in question. Once the item is in our possession, we will carry out an evaluation of its condition.

If a manufacturing defect is found during our evaluation, we will repair the damage or replace the item without charge.

If a repair is required that is not covered under the lifetime manufacturing warranty, we will provide a quote for approval before any work is performed.

Can my jewellery be repaired elsewhere?

Any repair work performed by a jeweller other than Created Brilliance will void your lifetime manufacturing warranty.

Please therefore be sure to contact our team in the first instance so that we can carry out a full evaluation of the jewellery’s condition.

What is excluded from the warranty?

Our manufacturing warranty does not extend coverage to the following:

  • Wear and Tear Damage:
    Natural wear and tear resulting from regular usage.

  • Loss of Gemstones: 
    The loss of any gemstones set in the piece.

  • Loss of the Item or Theft: 
    Any incident involving the disappearance or theft of the item.

  • Damage or Loss due to Neglecting Repairs:
    Any harm or loss arising from neglecting necessary repairs required to maintain the jewellery’s structural integrity.

It is important to recognise that all fine jewellery, particularly rings, can be influenced by the effects of everyday wear. Examples of common issues that are considered part of regular wear and would not be classified as manufacturing defects include:

  • Precious metals experiencing discoloration due to exposure to chemicals or cosmetics
  • Prongs gradually wearing out, bending, or becoming worn over time, leading to the potential loss of a gemstone.
  • The gradual wearing down of precious metals as a result of regular use.

We value the longevity and beauty of your jewellery and strive to provide clarity about the factors covered by our warranty.

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If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the lifetime warranty of our products, our team are here to support you. Please contact us today to learn more.