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Ring Re-Sizing – Free Ring Resize

Ring Re-Sizing – Free Ring Resize

Created Brilliance understands that buying a ring – whether for yourself or a loved one – can be difficult when you don’t know the exact size. That’s why we offer a free 60-day re-resizing service.

Anyone who buys a ring from our range of lab grown diamond products can get it re-sized by our Hatton Garden office for free. 

How much to resize a ring in the UK?

We offer free ring resizing from our London offices for the first 60-days. After that, the cost of resizing a ring is £30. 

Types of rings we re-size

We are able to offer engagement ring resizing, as well as resizing on any ring in our range – whether you want a wedding ring resizing or simply a gold ring made bigger. 

We can easily resize lab grown diamonds rings, no matter what setting or shape they are. 

How long does it take to resize a ring?

We can resize a ring in just 7 days. We will send it next day delivery once the work is finished. 

How do they resize a ring?

We simply cut out a section of the ring. If you need it to be be larger, we add a section of the ring metal in and join it back together. If you want to resize your ring smaller, we join the ring back together with the section missing. 

We can resize a ring with diamond set shoulders by two sizes bigger or smaller. Rings with plain shoulders can be resized by four sizes smaller or larger. 

If the new required size sits outside of these ranges, we can exchange the piece with the correct size subject to stock availability. If stock is not available we will need to special order which can take up to 4 weeks.

Does resizing a ring damage it?

The durability of the ring can be reduced slightly with each ring resizing, so it can make it a little weaker. But it won’t damage the ring, gemstone or setting. 

How many times can you resize a ring?

While you can resize a ring multiple times, our free service can only be used once per ring. We’d also recommend not resizing your ring more than twice. 

Does resizing a ring leave a mark?

Our expert jewellers will not leave a mark. There will be no visible join after your ring has been made larger or smaller. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Rings must be in new condition and unworn to be eligible for the resize service
  • Resized rings are final sale and cannot be returned.
  • The resize service can only be used once per ring.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or concerns about payments or refunds, please contact us by:

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