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Why Pink Diamonds are this Valentine's must have

Why Pink Diamonds are this Valentine's must have

There’s something magical about a pink diamond. Their unique rosy hue and delicate sparkle are the embodiment of romance – making them the perfect Valentine’s gift for anyone longing for a touch of romantic luxury in their life.

As one of the rarest and most expensive stones in the world, however, natural pink diamonds can be costly – for both your wallet and the environment.

You don’t need rose tinted glasses when you’ve got rose-tinted jewellery! Gorgeous lab created pink diamond rings, earrings or necklaces are an affordable and ethical luxury gift that will be cherished by your Valentine forever.


Pink Diamonds – the ultimate Valentine’s gift

It can be hard to find something a little different on Valentine’s Day. Especially if this isn’t your first. Thankfully, this season’s must have gift is as affordable as it is desirable. 

Swap the roses for a rose coloured diamond and give her a Valentine's gift worthy of a fairytale romance.

The soft blush of a pink diamond is a symbol of love, beauty and passion. Their rare colour and impeccable brilliance makes them the ideal choice for Valentine’s jewellery.

Suitable for both daily wear and special occasions, pink diamond jewellery suits everyone. Choose dainty pink diamond earrings, or go for a bolder look with a large pink diamond ring surrounded by a halo of sparkling white diamonds. 

Whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, or simply want to add a sentimental piece to her jewellery box, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit in our Pink Diamond Collection.

The choice of the A-list

Thanks to their rarity and stunning pink colours, these diamonds have long been the choice of celebrities looking to impress loved ones who are hard to impress. 

It was none other than J-Lo herself who first brought pink diamonds to the world stage with her engagement ring from Ben Affleck – a dazzling radiant cut pink diamond trilogy ring that caught the imagination of romantic dreamers everywhere.

Since then, we’ve seen many A-listers choose to go pink - from the subtle blush of Blake Lively’s sophisticated oval shaped ring, to Mariah Carey’s eye-catching light pink centre stone framed by a vivid pink halo.

Pink diamonds aren’t just for engagements – tennis champ Anna Kournikova was gifted a huge pear-shaped pink diamond ring by Enrique Iglesias (and even wore it during some matches!). Victoria Beckham’s 30th birthday present from David Beckham was a stunning champagne pink diamond ring.

So what makes pink diamonds so popular with A-listers? Their rare, gorgeous colour is the obvious draw. This rarity made them expensive – Affleck reportedly spent over $10m. 

But, if you look past the glitz and glamour, there’s something pure about a pink diamond -the colour represents love and affection, while also being unique, elegant and alluring.

Lab grown pink diamonds – love your partner, love your planet

Lab grown pink diamonds are a beautiful, ethical alternative to mined diamonds. These eco-friendly pink diamonds are real, true diamonds.

The amount of energy used to retrieve natural pink diamonds from the earth’s crust is immense, resulting in a larger carbon footprint. 

Instead, lab created diamonds are grown in a controlled environment, using cutting-edge technology that does not require as much energy or equipment, reducing their environmental impact.

An additional benefit is that a lab created pink diamond is much more affordable than a mined diamond – which means you can gift your beloved a much larger stone!

Our lab grown pink diamond range

Whether you’re looking for a bold pink diamond ring or something a bit more subtle, we have lab grown pink diamond rings, earrings and necklaces to suit every style:

  • The Margot ring – Dainty and delicate, the Margot is an elegant solitaire ring that’s sure to delight anyone with an understated romantic style. This classic design is elevated by the exquisite 0.50ct pink diamond, for a Valentine’s gift that is sure to stand the test of time.
  • The Cynthia ring – The cushion shape of the Cynthia ring gives a gorgeous vintage look. The centre 0.50ct round brilliant cut pink diamond is framed in glittering white diamonds, with a slim pavé band for extra sparkle. 
  • The Sienna ring – Bold and brilliant, the Sienna ring features a round cut pink diamond surrounded by a double halo of sparkling white diamonds. The art-deco style is perfectly on trend for 2023, while the delicate pink diamond adds a touch of whimsical romance to the design.
  • The Norma ring – The elongated emerald-cut style of the Norma ring is both fabulous and flattering, while the white diamond halo really highlights the gorgeous colour of the pink diamond. This is a ring for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd.
  • The Evelyn ringThe stunning 1ct lab grown diamond in our Evelyn ring sits surrounded by white diamond accent stones to really highlight the rose hues. This makes the perfect gift any time of the year. 
  • The Orla earrings – The beautiful round cut pink diamond in our Orla earrings is framed by a delicate halo of white diamonds. These classic earrings will go with everything and are perfectly suited for daily wear.
  • The Ana pendant – Adorn her neck with a gorgeous pink diamond necklace. Our Ana pendant features a stunning pink diamond surrounded by a halo of white diamonds for a simple, elegant look that will never go out of style.

Everyone one of the new Created Brilliance pink lab grown diamond range comes certificated by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and with a full diamond certificate.


Put a pink diamond ring on it

If you want to truly make a unique romantic statement this Valentine’s Day then a dazzling pink diamond is certainly something different. Not only are colourful stones on trend this year, but these rosy-hued diamonds traditionally symbolise love and devotion – making them an eternally great gift for February 14th.

Whether you're looking for a timeless engagement ring or simply a breathtaking gift, pink diamonds are always sure to impress.

Shop our Pink Diamond collection.

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