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Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band

How to wear an eternity ring

Eternity rings are the perfect gift for couples want to celebrate a milestone anniversary or special occasion – or even for those who just want to keep the romance going!

If you’ve just received an eternity ring – or are currently looking to buy an eternity ring together with your partner – we can help you decide how to wear it. We’ll discuss where to wear your eternity ring, which hand or finger it goes on, and the traditional order to wear your engagement and wedding rings.

  • Eternity rings are usually gifted for major life milestones such as anniversaries and birth of children
  • They symbolise everlasting love and can be a great way to celebrate the length of your relationship
  • Traditionally, eternity rings are placed after your wedding and engagement ring

What is an eternity ring?

Eternity rings pre-date engagement rings as a token of love between two people – with the eternity concept coming from the ring shape that has no end and no beginning.

The earliest examples we have of eternity rings date back to the Egyptians. Today, they are usually worn as an additional ring alongside the wedding band and engagement ring, or by two unmarried people who want to display their love for each other.

Eternity rings tend to follow a similar design to wedding bands – a ring of gold, often with smaller diamonds adorning one side. Some might also add a sparkle of colour with rubies, emeralds or sapphires.

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Eternity ring: how to wear

If you’re a traditionalist, you would usually wear your eternity ring next your wedding and engagement ring.

But these deeply personal rings can be worn wherever best suits you – whether that’s on another finger or another hand completely.

Look at your existing jewellery and your new eternity ring and see where it looks its best – does the metal of your chosen ring clash with other rings or do they complement each other?

Would the more subtle design of the eternity ring be lost next to a larger gemstone?

Which order do you wear engagement, wedding and eternity rings?

The most common option is to wear the wedding ring first, so it is closest to your heart. Then you put the engagement ring next, and the eternity ring last.

At Created Brilliance, we also stock eternity rings with a slight curve. This helps them to nestle closely to engagement rings with larger gemstones. As some of our wedding bands also have the same curve, it would be easy to wear the three rings together.

Where to wear an eternity ring?

If you choose not to wear it on your ring finger alongside your bridal set of rings, there are other options. Many people choose to wear their eternity ring on the opposite hand to their engagement and wedding rings to provide symmetry and balance.

For those who prefer a more modern look, you could wear an eternity ring on your little finger. This is a stylish and non-traditional look but one that works well for many.

Alternatively, if you change your jewellery daily, you could replace the wedding band for the eternity ring, or keep your engagement ring stored safely away and wear the wedding and eternity rings together.

So, how do you wear your new eternity ring?

Eternity rings can be the truly unique way to show someone you love and care for them – even after all these years. How and where you wear your eternity ring is up to you. Go traditional and place it between your wedding and engagement ring, or go bold and stick it on your little finger. The choice is yours.

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